For our 7th Annual Science Fair, we are creating a hybrid Science Showcase celebrating STEAM —
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math!

We are asking students in grades 3 -12 to provide their creative responses to a prompt about Technology, the T in STEAM!

S – Science
T – Technology
E – Engineering
A – Art
M – Math

WHJESP 2022 Hybrid Science Showcase

Virtual Registration Click Here


  • Kim Hlavaty says:

    I had my students work on projects again this year and they each created a document to answer the questions they were prompted to, as well as developed their prototypes, and recorded a video. I was just wondering how this process works because when I went on the Google Form to register it didn’t have a spot for me to upload any documentation or their videos. Can someone please help me get this set up or explain what I need to do next.
    Thank you!

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