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Who are we?

The Willie Hutch Jones Educational and Sports Program has been providing free programs to children throughout Buffalo for the past 37 years. Founded in 1984, the mission of the Willie Hutch Jones Educational and Sports Program is to provide underserved children, at no charge, equal opportunities to engage in the highest quality programs and to offer character-building activities through academics, sports, and the arts.

TEAMHUTCH is currently preparing our programs listed below for instruction in-person learning in both our Maryvale School District’s Intermediate & Primary schools and NativityMiguel St Monica Campus location. Our virtual after-school programs will still run for two days a week during the upcoming school year. If you have an interest in our services contact us at 716-715-4980.

Afterschool Programming

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Class Descriptions

Science Club

Science Club is designed to expose students to the scientific method through fun hands on experiments. Developing skills, listening, quick thinking, analyzing data, and problem-solving will all be skills emphasized throughout the program. Instructors use our custom standards-based curriculum to motivate and engage students.


Diversity Dance

Amor and Heritagea traditional Hispanic dance company, provides dance instruction using traditional music from Columbia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico to educate the students on the dance styles from these countries.


Etiquette & Health Wellness

The goal of the Etiquette & Health Wellness Sessions is to provide students with well-rounded guidelines that will help them transition their lives to becoming healthier with social values that may be utilized at home or in public environments. This starter kit of principles will help prepare them for educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities that will allow them to develop into positive and productive citizens.


Craft Club

Students will be exposed to their inner creativity by creating fun projects that also target the academic areas, improving fine motor skills while being introduced to the world of art.


Chess Club

Students will be taught basic skills, strategies, rules, and conventions, and participate safely online with appropriate personal, social behavior, and job opportunities that are related to the field will be covered.


Book Club

A variety of age appropriate books will be read relating to STEAM topics to the various sports activities. As the groups are digesting these topics information will be compared and related to actual happenings currently in place globally. Stress will be placed on reading and group understanding.



Physical Education

This physical energetic challenging session will engage the students to perform various exercises in their home environments that will elevate their heart rates and develop muscle strength. They will learn that there is a direct relationship to higher standards of learning through being more fit.


Go Noddle / Kaboom / Legends of Learning Sessions

These diverse student engaging activities will motivate students by making learning fun and in a contest format. Prizes and gift card awards will be given out monthly for various achievements and goals that may have been obtained during a certain month.


Virtual Field Trips

These visual excursions will help reinforce our STEAM content by visiting locations like the Tift Nature Preserve, Museum of Science and Niagara Falls. Students will view actual visual footage with a question sheet for facts to be recorded on and later discussed in a group format.

If you are an individual or company that has this kind of community services at heart, please contact our program coordinator so that we can continue to bring joy to those who don’t have.  Also if you are an individual or agency in need, contact us so that you can be a recipient of our love.

Mykia LaNae Program Coordinator
Site Managers: Aswad Jones, Nicole Robinson & Crystal Hammer
338 E Ferry St
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Phone: 716-715-4980

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