Summer Programming

Over ten individual sports clinics are offered with instruction in the fundamental skill development for each sport. The program is open to all male & female residents in the metropolitan Buffalo & Lackawanna area between the ages of 6-16.  These programs are offered at no cost; thus enrollment is limited to a first come first served availability. These programs operate the months of July through August.

Tennis:  August 14 -25th Register here

Equipment maintenance, vocabulary, fundamental skills & drill, how to score and job opportunities that are related to the field will be covered.

Golf: July 14th, 21st, 28th, August 4th, 11th,18th) Register here

Students will be taught to select and prepare equipment properly, apply skills, strategies, rules and conventions, and participate safely with appropriate personal ad social behavior. Students will be given a warm-up prior to each session.

Basketball: July 15th,22nd, 29th, August 5th, 12, 19th Register here

Students will learn effective skills (e.g. passing/receiving, lay-up and outside shooting, dribbling, rebounding, guarding, etc.) along with regulations, rules, and drills that can be utilized for personal development. 


Football: TBA

Campers will gain knowledge enabling them to play by the rules specified for their age levels, and to demonstrate knowledge of conventions, terminology, protocols, and etiquette specific to the activity that one would expect of a capable participant. Not available.

Baseball: August 14th – 18th Register here

Equipment maintenance, vocabulary, fundamental sills & drill, how to score and job opportunities that are relate to the field will be covered.

Chess: TBA

Our chess program will teach the children the history of the game, rules, and movements along with the values of each piece. Students will learn how to play team chess, and be presented with various chess situational problems to test their knowledge and skill development. They will be taught how to play by all the rules of local and national tournaments with the usage of clocks and score sheets. Not available.

Soccer Skills Camp: July 10th through the 21st  Register here
Soccer Afternoon League: July 10th through the 28th  Register here

Students will be taught basic skills, strategies, rules and conventions, and participate safely with appropriate personal, social behavior, and job opportunities that are related to the field of soccer. Campers will compete in a competitive afternoon summer league in which awards will be given out to playoff teams!

Volleyball: July 31st through August 11th  Register here

Campers will learn the skills (e.g. legal overhand serve, forearm pass, set, spike, etc.) with few, if any, observable errors in technique, along with the rules & regulations of game play.  Campers will also get to display their skills in summer league games! 


Crew: TBA

Rowing is a rewarding sport with a unique balance of techniques, fitness and character. Classes at the West Side Rowing Club are for the complete beginner to learn the basics to enjoy a new sport on the waterways. Learn-To-Row coaches are hand-selected from rowers within the West Side Rowing Club membership who have shown expertise in both knowledge of the rowing stroke and the ability to teach it. They take pride in teaching participants to be well rounded with knowledge in both sculling and sweep rowing.

Creative Dance:  TBA

Our dance instructor will teach students to perform basic motor and manipulative skills. They will attain competency in a variety of physical activities and proficiency in a few select complex motor movements. Students will be instructed in the specific movement skills, both locomotors (step), and axial (body alignment, positions and gestures), as well as the rhythms and timing, positions and others, partners and others, spatial formations, appropriate personal expression, and aesthetic criteria essential to the performance of the activity.  Students will learn to create dances or routines. They will also learn the important traditions, terminology, and etiquette; clear expectations for appropriate personal and social behavior.  

Swimming: July 31st through August 25th Mon. Wed. and Fri.  Register here  

We have a history of promoting water safety through local swimming lessons and awareness and education of safety needs around pools and open water. Our program gives children ages 5 and older, the opportunity to learn to swim in a safe environment. The program is designed to allow students to learn at their own pace, defeat the fear of water, and master the skills at each level before attempting the next challenge.

General Motors STEAM CampJuly 10th through August 11th  Register here

Students will learn how S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) is fully integrated into our everyday learning. The students will explore and make connections by building, taking apart, visualizing, and creating using the world around them. Students will also attend weekly field trips, and have recreational experiences.