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Who are we?

The Willie Hutch Jones Educational and Sports Program has been providing free programs to children throughout Buffalo for the past 34 years. Founded in 1984, the mission of the Willie Hutch Jones Educational and Sports Program is to provide underserved children, at no charge, equal opportunities to engage in the highest quality programs and to offer character building activities through academics, sports, and the arts.  


Class Descriptions

Theater Club

This club is designed to help students improve their skills in math by reinforcing grade-level curriculum through hands-on math activities. Begin with breathing exercises. Students play act out emotions game. They’ll review nursery rhymes and take turns acting the poems out. Making sure students really get into character and use their emotions.

Science Club

Our Science Club is designed to expose students to the scientific method through fun hands on experiments. Developing skills, listening, quick thinking, analyzing data, and problem-solving will all be skills emphasized throughout the program. Instructors use alternative approaches such as games, puzzles to motivate and engage students.

Diversity Dance

Amor and Heritage, a traditional Hispanic dance company, provides dance instruction using traditional music from Columbia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico to educate the students on the dance styles from these countries. Students will learn various choreographed routines using appropriate props during the dance instruction.

Boy Scouts

Since its origin, the Boy Scouts of America has been an educational experience concerned with core values. Scouting activities are designed to build character, engage in physical fitness, practice skills, and engage in service projects.

Girl Scouts

The goal of the Girl Scouts of the USA is to provide girls with well rounded enrichment: educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities that will allow them to develop into positive and productive citizens.

Steel Drums

Learning rhythm, reading music, and harmonizing are just a few of the skills that the students gain from playing an instrument. Music has been proven to be  beneficial to student achievement time and time again. In this course, students will learn how to play the Steel Drums which requires discipline, dedication, teamwork, communication skills, persistence, and responsibility.

Craft Club

Students will be exposed to their inner creativity by creating fun projects that also target the academic areas. Through their projects students will be able to improve their fine motor skills while being introduced to the world of art.

Soccer Club

Students will be taught basic skills, strategies, rules and conventions, and participate safely with appropriate personal, social behavior, and job opportunities that are related to the field will be covered. Campers will be given a warm-up period prior to each session.


Reach Academy Charter School

115 Ash Street Buffalo, NY 14204

Tuesday: Science Club, Steel Drums, Math Club, Girl Scouts

Wednesday: Science Club, Steel Drums, Heritage Dance, Boys’ Scouts

Thursday: Arts 1st grade, Arts kindergarten, Steel Drums

4:15 PM – 4:30 PM  Dinner

4:30 PM– 5:30 PM Instruction

5:30 PM– 5:45 PM Dismissal


Erie County Youth Detention Center

810 E. Ferry St. Buffalo, NY 14208

Saturday: Chess 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Asarese Matters Community Center

50 Rees Street Buffalo, NY 14213

Wednesday & Friday: Boys’ Soccer Training  3:30 PM – 5:30 PM


Nativity Miguel, St. Monica Campus

26 Wright Ave. Buffalo, NY 14215

Tuesday: Cultural Dance & Movement  3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Thursday: All Girls STEAM Program  3:30 PM– 4:30 PM

If you are an individual or company that has this kind of community services at heart, please contact our program coordinator so that we can continue to bring joy to those who don’t have.  Also if you are an individual or agency in need, contact us so that you can be a recipient of our love.

Mykia LaNae Program Coordinator
Aswad Jones & Crystal Hammer Site Manager
338 E Ferry St
Suite 115
Buffalo, NY 14208

Phone: 716-715-4980

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