After School Programs

The WHJESP offers a comprehensive after school program which runs daily Monday through Friday from 4:00 PM-5:30 PM. The program runs September through June.

Math Club

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Our Math Club is designed to help students improve their skills in math by reinforcing grade-level curriculum through math activities.  Instructors use alternative approaches, such as games, puzzles, hands-on activities (in addition to group work) to motivate and engage students.  Developing skills, listening, quick thinking, analyzing data, and problem-solving will be emphasized.

Science Club

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Buffalo Museum of Science and Tifft Nature Center bring the science lab to us every week.  Students explore all different areas of the scientific world.  Robotics, circuitry, Earth systems, dissections, and up-close encounters with nature of just a few of the areas that the students (grades 4-8) experience.


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Students meet in the Computer Lab to explore available programs.  The students in grades 4th-8th also incorporate Microsoft programs and coding on campus and also on monthly field trips to the Microsoft store.

Diversity Dance

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Amor and Heritage, a traditional Hispanic dance company, provides dance instruction using traditional music from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, and/or Mexico. Amor and Heritage instructors also educate the students on the dance styles from these countries Students will learn various choreographed routines.  They will be provided with hats, practice skirts and/or props to use during the dance instruction.

Steel Drum

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Learning, rhythm, reading music, and harmonizing are just a few of the skills that the students gain from playing an instrument.  Music has been proven to be very beneficial to student achievement time and time again.  In this course, students will learn how to play the Steel Drums.  This requires discipline, dedication, teamwork, self-reliance, group reliance, communication skills, persistence, and responsibility.


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Media & Communication Club

An important part of the Media and Communication Club is the opportunity to share interests, ideas, and experiences with other students. The goal of the Media and Communication Club is to foster interest in media-related topics and concerns, as well as to provide a chance for students to meet and interact with each other and with our Media Specialist outside of the daily classroom. The Club is also an excellent source of information for students considering internship possibilities and future career opportunities with in the media and communication fields. The Club visits several local media outlets such as WUFO radio, WNED-TV, The Apollo Media Center, and KISS 98 FM radio. At these venues, the youth gain valuable information from station executives and gain hands on experiences with up to date studio equipment as they learn about station operations.

Boy Scouts

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Since its origin, the program of the Boy Scouts of America has been an educational experience concerned with values.  Scouting activities were designed to build character, physical fitness, practical skills, and service. Service projects, ceremonies, games, skits, songs, crafts, are some of the den activities.


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K-3 students learn how S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) is fully integrated into our everyday learning. The students will explore and make connections by building, taking apart, visualizing, and creating using the world around them.

Homework Assistance

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This is an opportunity for students to complete any class or homework assignments.  Instructors are available to help with any academic areas that students need reinforced. Students may use this class as an opportunity to review what was learned in class.  S/he may also choose to use this time to explore other topics of interests to him/her in a quiet setting.


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Zumba Kids classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography. We break down the steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure.

Girl Scouts

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The goal of the Girl Scouts of the USA is to provide girls with enrichment: educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities that will help them develop into positive and productive citizens. Service projects, ceremonies, games, skits, songs, crafts, are just a few of their activities.

If you are an individual or company that has this kind of community services at heart, please contact our program coordinator so that we can continue to bring joy to those who don’t have.  Also if you are an individual or agency in need, contact us so that you can be a recipient of our love.

Mykia LaNae Program Coordinator
Lindsay Lampert Program Coordinator
411 Olympic Street
Suite 115
Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: 716-715-4980